VIDEO: Guy Carpenter, Kroll, Counter Terrorism

Ian created internet sites to publicise the affair and his subsequent treatment. (He made no threats and stated that he would use all peaceful and legal means to expose the injustice).

After publishing the websites, he was quickly arrested by City of London police’s murder squad, again for non violent harrassment, and was given a verbal warning by the police.

Ian has been conducting a publicity campaign at speakers corner, handing out leaflets, and publishing via internet sites to draw public attention to the ongoing saga of a justice system seemingly gone wild. He has taken his story to the Houses of Parliament and presented his case to MPs Theresa May and David Davies as evidence of the abuse of section 44 of the terrorist act.

Ian is currently being pursued for defamation by [name removed due to City Of London Police censorship request], and will appear in court on Monday 13th December, represented by Michael Wolkind QC.

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