Background history – video from Speakers’ Corner

In the video below I explain why and how City Of London Police Counter-Terrorist Directorate wasted over 1 million pounds on me.

Police obtained High Court order to tap and monitor my personal and company phones. Why they raided my company office, home and my accountants office. Why they confiscated all computers, laptops, satnavs, digital cameras, mobile phones and sent them all away to the extremely expensive high tech crimes laboratory for forensic examination. All for nothing…

(recorded on Sunday – 12 September 2010, Hyde Park Speakers’ Corner, London, UK)

We handed out over a thousand leaflets

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  1. interestingly, a man named John Harris walked in Hertfordshire police station in 2000 armed with a loaded gun, he took PC Steadman hostage at gun point and drove him around for 4 hours, then he surrendered, at st.albans crown court he was found not guilty by a jury whom ruled under ‘natural justice’.
    PC steadman had been having a an affair with Mr Harris wife. The amount the counter terrorist police and now murder have spent to protect this man…… alleged crime is only a minor charge and cannot go to a jury, not confident in the system any more. There is a bit more to the story which I can’t say at the moment, but if you think the Police have misbehaved, wait until I write what else the have done, it will make this all look like a walk in the park
    Fingers crossed.
    Thank you for your kind comment

    Ian Puddick

  2. Ian, keep it up. Well done for fighting for what you believe in. Your site is no where near harrassment. If you want an example of non-violent harrassment I could point you in the direction of a few sites. 😉


  3. I think this sort of action is becoming the norm,MP’s are probably the last group I’d trust,they are
    part of New World Order,good luck amigo,chris_fmotl

  4. Congratulations on your Journey.

    The HEART of the New World Order, is in The City Of London.

    This is a Country within a Country.

    You are not alone, there will be more to follow your lead.

    Do not let them grind you down.

    Cheers, Dave Owen.

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