The Story

1. Ian Puddick exposes board member of Reinsurance Giant Guy Carpenter Limited, having an affair & using his company expenses to perpetrate the affair

2. Board member denies all allegations. KROLL brought to investigate & protect insurance companies reputation. KROLL approach Sussex Police whom confirm in writing that this is a ‘civil matter’ and that they believe Mr xxxxx the board member will not turn up in court. Unhappy with this, Mr xxxxxx the board member meets again with KROLL. KROLL MD Ben Hamilton confirms in writing that there head of security Mr Dan Mead has contacts with City of London Police. Mr Mead then meets his contacts, Detective Chief Inspector Chandler and Detective Superintendent Davies who then confirm the use of significant resources and the use of the specialist Counter Terrorist and Major Crimes Directorate. That’s a million pounds of tax payers money + Anti-Terrorist squad for a ‘civil matter’

3. Kroll work in partnership with City of London Police. Police Inspector authorises raid of Ian

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