Ian Puddick Blog Suffers DDOS Attack

On Thursday night our server was suffered a DDOS attack (Dedicated Denial Of Service) at 2am.

According to our hosting company this was initiated by two forces using a proxy server via Brazil, my whole blog www.ianpuddick.co.uk was deleted from the server.

Fortunately the we have various copies saved and backed up, I appreciate its sounds paranoid but I did post copies of all my correspondence, cps disclosure all on wiki-leaks earlier this year.

Why on earth would anyone want to go to all the trouble of cyber attacking the server used by a plumber and remove my blog??

I have irrefutable proof that the otherside (the name we cannot mention due to Police Censorship) was involved in fraudulent expenses and had to resign after 30 years employment by Guy Carpenter LLC. (its not Guy Carpenters LLC fault that this chap behaved in the way that he did, I would like to make it clear that when I discussed the issue with there chairman Nick Frankland, he was exceptionally nice, professional and understanding, given the difficult and sensitive circumstances).

It doesn’t take Einstein to work out who organised a cyber attack.

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