Hello my name is Ian Puddick

Hello my name is Ian Puddick

City of London Counter Terrorist Police have spent over

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  1. Hi Ian,
    Amazing story! Looked up your website after hearing you at speakers corner. Whoever the board member is has connections,(higher than yours it would appear) and money and thought they could just scare you off. Glad you have taken this on as this abuse of power (not to mention taxpayers money) must be stopped. If the new govt are serious about saving money this would be a great place to start! Best of luck, Regards, Lynton Beckett Durban South Africa.

  2. Hi Ian
    We met at Speakers Corner. I believe the UNbelievable when it comes to such things. It appears that in your case, there is an obvious abuse of power, with absolutely no thought to the expense this could cause the tax payer… after all, such people will only look to save their own backs… f**k everybody else! Good luck, don’t let the bastards grind you down (I doubt they anticipated that you would come out fighting… Good for you!)

  3. Hi Ian, Just watched you at Speakers Corner. Well done for standing up to the abusers of power! Hope you get the justice you deserve. Regards, Julie, Armadale, West Lothian

  4. Hi Ian. Just found out what you are doing, and I was wondering if there was anything I could do to help? Wether that is: writing letters, showing support in court, or picketing – whatever. I want to see the corruption ended, and we will do it if people (we) join together. P.s, I phoned the constabulary that arrested you today 4/11. I’ll keep phoning all day. Its 02071648157, if any one else is interested. Let me know how I can help.

  5. Hi Ian

    We just shared a few cold hours this morning in a queue. What a shocking story – if I can help please let me know.


  6. Hi Ian,

    I live within 30 miles of you I believe so please contact me on Facebook(I have sent a request)and I will do what I can to support you.

  7. Hi Ian,
    watching your case from Canada, I’m a huge admirer of John: Harris and found out about the terrifying shenanigans going on there as well as here on TPUC site.
    Admire you greatly for standing up for your rights at the risk of severe penalty. Keep up the good fight, mate!

  8. I dunno wat this is about but i saw it on a path at school and it said google ian puddick im confused plz tell me

  9. Outrages story, but I’m not at all surprised, this was one of the main reasons they put terror laws into play, anyone who f**ks with anyone who has money or power or connections can instantly be called a terrorist. Anyone who still believes their laws were brought into play for imaginary men and there minions hiding in caves planning evil attacks on their home town needs to wake up and smell the bast**d coffee.
    Have you investigated the man in questions links to freemasonry?? That would be the first place I’d look..

  10. Dear Ian,I feel there can’t be many Puddicks around and as I live in the North East married to a Puddick who came from Twickenham I suspect you may be a relative.My husband’s name is Michael and his father was Edward.Can you give us any of your history. Although this is not about the said case for me it is an interesting by product which may prove to have a history.I have always wanted to explore the name of Puddick.
    Hope you can help

  11. Hi Ian,

    A friend sent me a link to your MP David Burrowes’ statement in the house on 7th July 2011. Although the minister’s response was predictably evasive and wishy washy, David Burrowes did you PROUD, explaining how disproportionate the whole response was and how equality before the law was under attack.

    I’ve been through a similar (although nowhere near as scary) situation regarding abuse of power. My ex-employer Cheshire West and Chester Council banned me from making Freedom of Information and Data Protection requests, then concealed it within a compromise agreement. These are statutory rights given to everybody, similar to the individual right to vote. Imagine going into work one day to be told the boss had banned you from voting in the next election!

    Luckily for me, Hugh Tomlinson QC scared them off a couple of weeks ago, but being none too clever, they’re maintaining that they reserve the right to do it again in the future, thereby squandering even more of the people of Cheshire’s money.

    I’m a campaigner for open government and fully engaged in the ongoing effort to make our government, both locally and centrally, accountable to the people who vote them in.

    Good luck to you Ian and if you ever need any assistance in this, I’d be only too willing to help out.

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