Letter to Prime Minister David Cameron

Right Honorable Mr. David Cameron, Prime Minister
10 Downing Street

Dear Prime Minister


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  1. Your case is quite unbelievable and all credit to you for your handling of it.
    I am a Registered Disabled Person with Limited Mobility , 56 years old and live on my own.
    Land Registry have chosen me for specialist treatment similar to yours.
    I own a very nice farmhouse with land.
    What l did not know was l had bought two properties.
    One being this property with 3.42 acres and the other a farm in a neighbouring village with 50 acres.
    My neighbour worked for local council offices in planning.
    My neighbour put in to claim some land that is my registered title here and had previously been confirmed by Land Registry as my Registered Title.
    I have had all sorts of problems since l bought the property in 1995.
    Now l find out there was a wrong post code recorded for my property at Land Registry.
    The result was many years of charges against my property and money my mother paid for my legal aid costs in 2002 and 2003 were credited to someone else . I actually had a breakdown with the stress of trying to sort matters out.
    There was fraud , forgery and defamation of my character the first time round and it was all recorded by the OSS and LSC.
    When this latest matter kicked off ,my neighbours would regulary assault me and because they had a son in the police , the police would do nothing to protect me. I even had to have hospital treatment on several occassions and no action was took against my neighbour.
    I was forced into litigation to stopmy neighbours taking land here that is the old orchard and my access to my land and my livestock.
    The Adjudicator at the Land Registry Hearing allowed an unprobated “will” into evidence.
    Because of the concealment and fraud that has taken place ,Land Registry refused me any information under the FOI Act and the DPA. It was later realised by me that my Conveyance Document had been taken from my deeds during my divorce.
    With my conveyance document or copy of it, there would have been no need for a Land Registry Hearing.
    This hearing took place on 28 th and 29 th May 2009 and yet Land Registrys own minutes record my saying l do not have a copy of my own conveyance document.
    It is hard to believe when l own a registered title that l can be forced into litigation and have my land taken from me and costs put against me.
    Behind the scenes the matter of claiming the 50 acres on this other post code had also been ticking away.
    This unprobated will was not a matter that The Adjudicator to HM Land Registry would have acted in any way over.
    So this Deputy Adjudicator acted outside the remit of his job allowing this unprobated “will” into evidence.
    I am sure this “will” is being used in some way over this other land.
    I am sure because when l checked on all the document and paperwork to do with this matter with my neighbours and the land here for the orchard and access, none of them have been processed.
    A survey that was done on my land by Land Registry , who did not ask my permission, now looks to have been done by the local council of whom my neighbour worked for.
    Now if l do not pay costs of

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