Ian Puddick Interviewed On Edge Media Sky TV Channel 200 – Abuse of Power

Ian Puddick Guest in “On The Edge” TV Show

On Thursday 14th May 2011 Ian Puddick was the guest on the popular “On The Edge” TV program which goes out every Thursday at 8:00PM on Channel 200 on Sky.

If you didn’t get a chance to see Ian being Interviewed then you will get another chance to see this great show this coming Saturday at 8PM on the same channel.

Its a great Interview and you should all watch it as Ian Puddick exposes just how corrupt the system is and in particular how he has been consistently and malicously attacked by City of London Police.

Click here to see Ian Puddick interviewed by Alex:G Edge Media on Sky TV channel 200 –

Part 1.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1DE-c9yiMkI
Parts 2 – 4 of the interview can be viewed on youtube ‘Ian Puddick’

Click here to visit “On the Edge” online!

1 thought on “Ian Puddick Interviewed On Edge Media Sky TV Channel 200 – Abuse of Power”

  1. On The Edge is fast becoming my FAVOURITE tv show. Also other shows on Channel 200 / Edge Media. I record them all. I just do not bother with mainstream news anymore because most of what they tell us is censored, twisted or just plain and simple lies. I’m 42 and for 3 decades, I’ve been sleep-walking my way through life, mistakenly believing that my Government had our best interests’ at heart. They care only for themselves. We’re only allowed to live in order to hand over our heard-earned taxes, most of which goes to the PRIVATELY OWNED Bank of England to pay off interest on huge debts we can never hope to repay. the interest is for fake money our governments have borrowed in OUR name, to spend in killing innocents abroad in their efforts to create a one world government.

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