Ian Puddick Arrested & Handcuffed in North London

Ian Puddick Was Arrested & Handcuffed Yesterday (Monday 23rd May 2011)

On Monday evening around 5PM Ian Puddick was driving his van through Muswell Hill, North London when without warning he was pulled over by unmarked police car.

What happened next beggars belief! Without any warning and without being read his rights, Ian Puddick was handcuffed to his car despite him pleading with the Constables not to handcuff him. These pleas fell on deaf ears!

Apparently this “arrest” was on the instructions of some “higher” police authority (which we suspect to be City of London Police) and it was this “higher authority” who INSISTED that Ian was pulled over and INSISTED that he be handcuffed.

Ian was told that the reason he was stopped and handcuffed was:-

Ian Puddicks vehicle was “allegedly” stolen

The Constable then went off to do some checks based on the information that Ian Puddick had provided and subsequently returned. In the meantime Ian was texting and Tweeting friends on Twitter and Facebook to let everyone know that he had been arrested again.

Once the officer returned Ian Puddick asked him if this was in reference to his court case regarding his website href=”http://www.policexpenses.co.uk to which the Constable asked for more information regarding this.

Ian Puddick then proceed to explain what was going in reference to the ongoing court case with City of London Police and when the Constable heard this he was visibly shocked and very sympathetic towards Ian.

Eventually the checks that the Constable carried out proved that Ian Puddick was telling the truth and that his van wasn’t stolen. And so it appears this is just another round of City of London Police running around like headless chickens, getting in a flap because they are so very very desperate to scare Ian Puddick away from this upcoming court case on 15th June at Westminster Magistrates Court, Horseferry Road, London at 10:00 AM that are now trying every scare tactic in the book to harass and intimidate Ian Puddick.

However, all that their flapping about confirms is that they are deeply worried by this court case (we think they know they are on a hiding to nothing) and the fact they keep trying to intimidate Ian Puddick is only further confirmation of our suspicions in this regard.

Ian Puddick would like to state that he holds no ill-feeling towards the Constable who arrested him, who, when they found out what was “really” going on behaved brilliantly with Ian. Both of them apologised to Ian for handcuffing him and one of the Constables wished him the best of luck with his case against City of London Police.

3 thoughts on “Ian Puddick Arrested & Handcuffed in North London”

  1. They already look like idiots Bernadette. Corrupt idiots.
    Tugging their forelocks and doing The Masters’ bidding.

    These are the same STASI police who claim they can do nothing, when
    neighbours plead with them to save battered children.

    Wishing Mr Puddick a safe passage through this Kafka nightmare.

  2. only when your caught up in these terrible situation do you realise the incredible stupidity of the police and in my case the politicisation of the police.

    The civil servants at the Rural Payments Agency have years tried to conceal that they knowingly allowed BSE infected beef into the human food chain at a time when the official view was that just one BSE infected beef burger could give you this incurable disease. The equivalent of 600 million quarter pounder beef burgers( 10 for every man women and child) ,liberally laced with BSE were eaten by Britons after the meat was banned.

    Part of the effort to conceal this was to forge tapes of my conversation attempting to try and prevent this. While the police were more than happy to drag me from my house in handcuffs for trying to persuade one of the civil servants involved in that forgery to come clean they had no interest in trying to investigate the real crime which was the forged tape recordings. “THEY SAID THEY PREFFERED NOT TO BE INVOLVED.
    300+ people have died from nvCJD many 1,000.s more carry the disease and the police “Prefer not to be involved” in criminal activity to prevent anyone finding out why.They’re happy to “bang someone up in handcuffs and cart them off to prison for trying to find out why the government allowed all this infected beef into the food chain. G G BEll

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