CPS Adjourns The Case Until 7th March 2011

Ian Puddick court hearing this Monday 28th Feb has been adjourned until 7th March at City of Westminster magistrates.

We are waiting on the other chap to confirm in writing to the Police that he fiddled his work expenses and sent pics of himself xxxxxxxxx in his bathroom (or either deny them and commit perjury)

Check out the New video – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1RVoyzhsUg

6 thoughts on “CPS Adjourns The Case Until 7th March 2011”

  1. What was the outcome of the case on March 7 please?Having courted publicity Ian, you should be keeping your website contemporaneous????

    1. The ministry of justice has appointed district judge snow to take on the case, it has been adjourned again as we have been unable to serve a defence statement as all my court documents have been stolen from my house, we have sent several letters to the cps requesting information, but they have declined to provide the info we require as they say it is not relevant to the case.

      We have asked the cps to speak to Mr xxxxxxxx who is bringing the charge against me& confirm that he sent mms picture texts of himself xxxxxxxx in his bathroom. Also he needs to confirm or deny in writing that he was investigated by his employer Guy Carpenter Limited for fraudulent expense claims which lent to his resignation after 30 years.

      The charge against me is creating a threatening website which discredits a person professionally and personally – a criminal charge

      The police have recommended a minimal jail sentence to the cps.

      We believe it’s vital mr xxxxx answers the question, if he admits the expenses, then I’m telling the truth or if I’ve made it up, then he has a case however it is a civil matter not a criminal matter worthy of a major investigation by city of London counter terrorism & major crimes directorate.

  2. Ian,

    Could you please tell us what the charges are against you, and under what Act and Section you are charged?
    I’m posting this again since the first attempt must unfortunately have got lost in the internets.



  3. Ian,

    How mysterious. I’ve asked you a few times now what you’re charged with, and under what Act and Section, and every time I do, the question gets deleted!

    Anyone would think that you’re deliberately not answering the question. Could it be because you’re not actually charged with anything, and that this is simply an elaborate hoax?

    I’m intrigued.

    Yours, puzzled,


    1. Hi Anne
      I have just found your messages, please forgive me.
      Section 2 non violent harassment – ‘creating & distributing a harassing website which discredits a person’. This is the actual charge.

      The website has been obviously been updated, but it still has all the original posts, my site is http://www.policeexpenses.co.uk

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