TV Comedian & Activist Mark Thomas Supports Ian Puddick!

Mark Thomas discussed my case with over 5000 people at the royal albert hall and last night radio 4’s Arthur smith spoke about my case at his show, he told everyone to go to

He invited me up onto the stage to tell them out my story….silence, everyone was gobsmacked.

Mark Thomas is going to discuss with his legal team about doing an expose of guy carpenter, kroll and their Cosy relationship with city of London police.

‘ some big companies are going to get some free publicity ‘

3 thoughts on “TV Comedian & Activist Mark Thomas Supports Ian Puddick!”

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  2. Hi Ian

    thanks for your e-mail. I.m sure Christine Lord of would like to get their story to someone like Mark Thomas and The New Statesman. What is happening as I told you in my case is really quite frightening. I’ll send you by e-mail a photo of Christine and several other distraught mothers one 74 years old , being threatened with arrest at the Ministry of Justice.

    This is about power politics as I am convinced that if the science of where BSE and nvCJD came from ever becomes public money at the concealment will be involved. Grahame

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