New Film – HOW POWER CORRUPTS City of London Police & Kroll

Chris Plumley Channel 4 Dispatches new film How Power Corrupts.

The film exposes institutional Police Corruption at City of London Police at senior level.

The film questions why officers from the Counter Terrorism Directorate made misleading statements in court under oath and the questionable relationship between City of London Police and elite global security giant Kroll.

The same Kroll whom effectively took control and lead COLP Counter Terrorism Directorate ‘Operation BOHAN’, an operation costing over

5 thoughts on “New Film – HOW POWER CORRUPTS City of London Police & Kroll”

  1. I agree this police force is institutional corrupt from top to bottom. There isn’t one honest police officer in this corrupt police force. The police officers fabricate evidence, fail to investigate and its corrupt PSD unit seek to cover up corruption. The local CPS until that works with this corrupt police also seeks to cover up police corruption.

  2. If Ellis has found cocaine, why than was Ian charged with harrssment and not possession of class A drugs. Deriliction of duty, and IPPC find Ian’s complaint unsubstainiated.
    The same COLP internal letter from the SFO, that I am a victim of fraud cannot find any wrongdoing by the perpetrators and like Ian complaint the IPPC dismissed my complaint.
    Alll these institutions are installed to appease the public and give the EU the impression that we in the UK are abiding by the EU directives and nothing more.
    Ian you are lucky that you have met the PM. He knows of the abuse of power. I my case a high court judge has made a void order and 50 odd judges have given effect to it stripping me of my livhood, 30 thousand hours of research and litigation and theft of

  3. Ian you did a courageous act and stood up to them. Their mistake was to get a police involved and that public bodies activities were somewhat exposed in the mainstream media.
    I can totally empathise with what they put you through. They were hell bent to silence you at the behest of their friends so that you would back off. Since harassment can be both civil/criminal, these $

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