ACPO admit police corruption isnt punishable due to cost !

ACPO top police Chief Peter Fahy confirmed on BBC Panorama that serious corruption often results in officers retiring early or resigning from their jobs!

Apparently, in the interests of justice it is cheaper and more cost effective to allow officers to leave than get involved in lengthy costly disciplinary issues.

Peter Fahy, connected to City of London Police declined to apply for the Met Police Commissioner Job When City of London Police decided to spend

2 thoughts on “ACPO admit police corruption isnt punishable due to cost !”

  1. The IPCC was try and kill the investigation by either pretending it is informal like Patricia Napier tried to do with my complaint. IPCC are a true waste of space, merely acting to cover up the crimes committed and protect the perception of the Police at all costs (and always at the expense of the victim)

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