Detective Chief Inspector Glynn Whittick Asks Ian Puddick To Take Site Down!

Ian Puddick had an interesting call yesterday from one DCI Glynn Whittick.

The conversation went something like this …

DCI Glynn Whittick called Ian Puddick on the 1st August 2011 3.54pm

GW – Introduced himself, told me that he had to return property to me, a company business card and also a Mastercard (which they confiscated when I was arrested, they needed it to prove that I had purchased the domain

IP – I asked where I could collect them

GW – Wood St or Bishopsgate Police Stations,

IP – I asked if they could be posted to me (I don’t trust City of London Police any more, as was proved in court that they are liars, so I asked for him to send them to me)

GW – He confirmed he would send them out 1st class registered post to me at my home address

IP – I thanked him (even though I don’t need an old business card nor a mastercard which i cancelled over a year ago)

GW – He then asked when I was removing my website and youtube videos from the web

IP – I said, why would I remove them ?

GW – You said in court that you would remove them after the trial

IP – I said no I didn’t

GW – Well you alluded that you would take them down after the trial

IP – No I didn’t, I cant remove them

GW – Why not

IP – As there is still lot’s more things to come out

GW – Like what ?

IP – Forgive me, but you will just have to be patient and wait and see

GW – OK Mr Puddick, thank you for your time


2 thoughts on “Detective Chief Inspector Glynn Whittick Asks Ian Puddick To Take Site Down!”

  1. Hope you stick it to these cretins good Ian. I’d love to see some heads roll over this – and it will sound so much better if they whine about how “The Olympics” will be a security threat that we can ill-afford to lose “good strong leadership” to resignations. In my honest opinion – I’d rather see these utter tossers thrown out of their jobs with no pension and no comeback. Conspiring to absolutely ruin an innocent man on the whim and behest of an elitist cohort is not only a betrayal of their oaths as police officers and guardians of the public – it’s an utter affront to the taxpaying public to see them shelling out a million pounds to silence the dissent of one determined individual.

    You have my completed respect for you and absolute support for your cause Ian – Good luck and god bless!

  2. Ian this just made my day. The officer should be in jail and does not want media momentum to expose why he is not in jail. This is an indirect form of witness harassment, if you have any problems with internet hosting just give anonymous a shout.

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