City of London Police use Satellite Technology to Track & Photograph Ian Puddicks Car

City of London Police Counter Terrorism Directorate left no stone unturned in there harassment campaign against Plumber

Ian Puddick. In desperation to find something that would stick, documents revealed in court showed how Detective Chief Inspector Steve Chandler & Detective Supt Jeff Davies promised Re-insurance giant Guy Carpenter Limited and mI6 Contractor Kroll they would authorise ‘Considerable Resources’ including the use of tracking Ian’s personal car and his plumbing van.

The cost of Operation Bohan has been censored by City of London Police, however experts have calculated the amount to be in excess of

6 thoughts on “City of London Police use Satellite Technology to Track & Photograph Ian Puddicks Car”

  1. It has come to our attention that your website. Which contains the true depth of the UK government and public organisations corrupt nature has recently come under attack. The internet is free for all to use and by the police and governments continued threats towards you it is now time to open our mouth. Too long have the people of the world been used in what can only be described as an illegal way. This site lists just a limited part of the daily abuses we face. So with this we openly tell you now. Anonymous is watching. If this site were to be forcefully removed then our actions will be equally as direct and swift towards all government agencies.

    We are anonymous
    We do not forgive
    We do not forget
    Expect us

  2. I just saw Ian Puddick on, ‘On The Edge’ on channel 200 with Alex G. I was frankly, quite gobsmacked by everything he revealed. What sort of regime are we living in ???

  3. hi,

    I speak at Speakers corner and I remember when you came to start your campaign. I am glad to see that you won your case. I hope to see your progress with your civil litigation.

    But I was alarmed when I heard your latest lecture, you said that you were arrested for your activities at Speaker’s Corner. I congratulate you for standing up, many Speakers caved in under pressure and left.

    Please tell me which police station were you taken to. I have heard that Speakers who are taken to Belgravia or Victoria do not come back to speak.

    Speaker Corner is increasingly under attack from violent people and from those who send kids to harass speakers.

    There will be a campaign inspired by your actions starting soon at Speakers Corner. I have carbon copied your fight to seek justice.

    I look forward to your civil action, you have them on the ropes. I also look forward to the ITV progam, you have changed the way Speaker Corner is used.

    You can recall me, I am the most animated Black speaker there is at Speaker Corner.

  4. Speaking to you today Ian I didn’t realise exactly how bad it was, no wander your always tweeting like a teenage girl 😉 but seriously what you have uncovered is disgusting and needs to be stopped

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