BBC News Break Story – Ian Puddick Cleared

Home Affairs Editor Gaetan Portal ‘misreports case at City Police Request’

BBC Independence ???

BBC Home Affairs Editor Gaetan attended the trial and carried out several interviews with Ian. Gaetan heard the hearsay evidence at the trial and also the defence rebuttal of all allegations made in court.
The BBC prides themselves on editorial independence, however we documentary proof that the BBC chose to misreport this story and here is why:
15 June 2011 15.54

City of London Police contacts the BBC and asks them to amend their existing online report

‘Called BBC and asked them to amend the story which suggests Counter Terrorism Officers were involved in the Puddick Investigation’.

BBC Response – Article amended 16.15

The sin of omission

BBC News sent Gaetan Portal to report on the Puddick Trial, here is what Gaetan Portal heard in open court but chose not to report –

  1. Every City of London Police Detective that gave sworn evidence in the witness box trial identified themselves under oath by giving their name, rank and stated they were Counter Terrorism Directorate
  2. Det Sgt John Ellis told the court he had found large quantities of Class A Drugs (crack) in Puddick’s kitchen, bedroom and loft room along with all the Paraphernalia but that he had forgotten to confiscate it, to make a note in his pad or ever mention it to any other officer
  3. Det Sgt John Ellis told the court that he was the officer in charge of the multiple raids of Puddicks home, work place and company accountants, Ellis said that due to the passing of time he could not remember how many officers raided each property in the simultaneous dawn raids.
  4. Det Sgt Ellis told the court that he confiscated Puddick’s PC, mobile and Sat Nav which he said came back clean from the High Tech Crimes Lab and that he forgot to confiscate the Class A Drugs, leaving them in all at Puddick’s home.
  5. Det Steve Briars told the court that he found the magistrates at an earlier hearing to be ‘obstructive’ as they had removed the Police bail conditions against Puddick
  6. Det Sarah Mayo told the Court that Puddick had sent over 5000 emails and posted many 1000’s of tweets and blogs about Mr xxxxx, but under cross examination Mayo was forced to admit that she had never seen one example of this and that she did not know of a single officer that had seen an example of this.
  7. Det Sarah Mayo described Mr Puddicks campaign as a ‘hate campaign’ however she was forced to admit that it was directed at City of London Police and not the complainant Mr xxxx.
  8. Gaetan Portal forgot to mention all the Kroll emails shown and discussed in court which show how Kroll manipulated City of London Police to waste over £1,000,000 after Sussex Police confirmed in writing that ‘the Puddick issue was a civil matter’.

There are far many important aspects of the case to mention however this is the report that Gaetan Portal as Home Affairs Editor thought the Public should know about

Everything in this report is factually untrue however the BBC chose to report the Police narrative and ignore the salient points raised in this clear case of Police Corruption.


Clive Coleman BBC News legal Correspondent (Barrister) said to Ian whilst waiting outside the court for the District Judge Elizabeth Roscoe to make Judgement on the case;

‘good news Ian, the consensus amongst all journalists here is your ‘not guilty’ as we are not sure what you have actually done wrong’

Why would the BBC ignore a major story on Police Corruption and report a non-existent narrative ?

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