Sussex Police Confirmed That Ian’s Case Was A “Civil Matter”

ian puddick news sussex police say it was a civil matter

So why didn’t City Of London Police LISTEN to Sussex Police?

When the firm at the centre of this debacle, Kroll, first went to the Police in Sussex (where he lives) the Chief Constable of Sussex Police told him that this was a “Civil Matter” and promptly refused to get involved any further. This was absolutely the correct decision and we applaud him for it. They even went as far as stating they did believe Mr xxx would turn up in court due to the allegation of misuse of company funds.

However, not satisfied with this Kroll then decided to “Call in some favours” and spoke with DCI Chandler and DSI Davies at City Of London Police.

The nett result of this was that City of London Police then launched “Operation Bohan” against Ian Puddick at a staggering cost of over

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