Daily Mail questions how Police can spend

Ian Puddick’s campaign to highlight the Abuse of Power used against him by City of London Counter Terrorism and Major Crimes Directorate initiated by private security Kroll is finally being published in the mainstream media.

Now the Daily Mail has picked up on the story and published this in their newspaper. Sussex Police confirmed in writing this is ‘a CIVIL MATTER’ they refuse to get involved.

Ian is appalled at the abuse he received by City of London Detectives whilst in custody, the amount of tax payers money estimated by one official at over

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  1. diane-taylor

    Truth and justice for Diane Taylor and you will read the serious abuse of power!

  2. Dr. Finella Brito-Babapulle

    Mr. Puddick had enough money to fight his case successfully. Well done. I too have a similar case being heard in the same court, Westminister Magistrates court on 15th July 2011. My ex husband has accused me of harrassment although there have been no twitter, website or other communications. The catalogue of events that surround this is as unbeleievable as Ian Puddicks story. Arrested for sending 3 emails and 1 text and 1 visit to his flat to deliver a claim for him to pay half his daughters 18th birthday expenses which amounted to

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